Created 18-Oct-14
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The Creative Culture Studio added a new water feature. As with most additions, this is still a work in progress. But I learned several important (and maybe obvious) things in my first water shoot. Don't forget to have plenty of towels and robes! A heat lamp would be a welcome addition. If it is a lengthy shoot, it is difficult to keep the water warm. By the time we got to Diedre, the water was cold and she was literally shivering -- not good! Dripping water on a model feels much colder because of evaporation. With fast strobes, the water droplets will be small and round. With a slow strobe, the water droplets will be small and elongated. Either way, it is difficult to capture the water. More water drops in the air would help -- one drip line was not enough. But in spite of the learning curve, the shots add a new dimension and are interesting.

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