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I often look at close up and macro shots showing beautiful and intricate detail. I am not certain how much I want to do this, but it looks very intriguing. For now, I will be tiring to get a feel for this type of work with simple equipment and setups. My "studio" is a posing stool with lighting provided by daylight florescent bulbs. I an trying various software packages that allow control of the camera and focus stacking.

But that is just the start. The technical aspects must be in place before any work can achieve high quality. But the real task is to learn to interpret and compose with my tiny subjects. As in portraiture, good technique is a given, but the image comes alive with the interaction between photographer and subject. It is the concept an story behind the image that makes the photograph work.
2015-07-12-15.10.43 ZS retouched-795-797-8432015-07-12-16.59.54 ZS retouched-798-8392015-07-16-22.19.10 ZS PMax-8442015-07-04-19.27.25 ZS retouched-7842015-07-05-14.51.00 ZS retouched-788-789-7902015-06-14-16.48.34 ZS retouched-7822015-06-14-13.40.03 ZS retouched-781

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