I learned the basics of composition and fine art printing using black and white. A reasonably simple darkroom provided the necessary control to produce quality prints. But I was always in love with color. For many years, I captured my color visions with Velvia and Ektachrome transparency film. But there was no simple way to make quality prints in a darkroom limited by a stringent budget.

Eventually, the digital age opened the color door and brought precision and control to the color print image. From scanning film to full digital capture, the color process has never been better for the photographer. Digital imaging with modern ink jet printers has allowed me to create images and prints true to the memory and emotion of the original scene.

I have photographed nature and landscapes since my mid-teens. Still a favorite subject, I decided to expand my horizons and try portraiture. I have been interested in fashion, glamour, and artistic nudes for quite a while and felt that it was time to start shooting. As such, these galleries are a work in progress while I learn from workshops and my own photo shoots.

Mike Dougherty